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FDVLimelight 12.4

FDVLimelight 12.4
FDVLimelight 12.4 FDVLimelight 12.4 FDVLimelight 12.4 FDVLimelight 12.4
Tootja: Facon de venise
Mudel: Limelight 12.4
Preemiapunktid: 0
Saadavus: ettetellimusel
Hind: 2,670.00€
Maksudeta: 2,225.00€
   - VÕI -   

The collection of lamps by Facon de Venise transforms the identity of a refined style and the graceful lines of classic Venetian lamps in a mini revolution: an allegory with a contemporary feel which lends itself to the creation of a fresh type of lighting decoration for both internal and external space. The severity of outside lamps is transformed in favour of fantastic creations. It pays with him decor and the urban habitat, by launching a new type of lighting that is both practical and elegant for public and private locations, for the metropolitan oasis and the meeting place.

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